Invented in 2009, by Gabe Beversluis, the idea of using free standard grocery bags as a liner for a container turned a dream into a patented product. Courtney Gust, owner of Camcar Plastics Inc in Muskegon Michigan, thought it was such a great idea, he decided to help get it out so the world could use it. Camcar Plastics Inc now makes the SmartPal™ and Product That Works LLC in Muskegon Mi is the marketer.

Years were spent in the development of the bin to make it just the right size and to perfectly fit, secure and store standard plastic grocery bags, BUT ALSO to fit into tight spaces and have it mountable, portable and used to perform multiple tasks and change-ups in seconds. All the features and attributes of the bin were specifically designed to do-it-all (purpose built). The bin is built out of a thick, durable plastic that can take a beating. The “ears” on the sides perfectly hold the plastic bags tight and secure so that nothing can slip between the liner and the bin. The pouch on the front holds plenty of spare bags and are always handy when changing liners. The bin can sit on the floor or be mounted. The handle is designed to ergonomically carry the SmartPal and can hold the weight. Take the liner out and use the SmartPal™ to store, transport and carry items to and on all your adventures. Leave the liner in and use your SmartPal to chill drinks with ice, hold your worms and fish while taming the wild, or take it to the beach to hold your treasures, gather shells, driftwood and make memories.

Years were spent finding the right market and the right message to let the consumer know what a useful product the SmartPal is. We felt the RV and boat market was a good start because of the increasing need of the industry to save space but also have a product that can do so many things. Introducing the SmartPal to the market was carefully thought out and it took marketing/digital professionals (Challe Design) months to come up the proper marketing that will inform the consumers what a total package they are getting. Priced affordably, everyone can enjoy the SmartPal™ for what it is: SMART!