Perfect for a RV or a Boat

SmartPal™ helps organize and store a variety of things. It is lightweight and has slim design that tucks neatly into any space. It is alaways there when you need it most.

Tucks neatly into any space!

Toss it!

This multi-purpose organizer also has a unique design feature—insert a plastic grocery bag and secure it for ice, liquids, fish, worms, disposal, compost, clean-up and more.

Store it!

The SmartPal can handle chores as a catch-all storage container. Use it in gathering wood for a fire and use the small pouch for fire starters and gloves.

Carry it!

Keep sunglasses, eyeglass cleaner, sun screen, insect repellent, first aid kit, caps and binoculars together. You’ll relax knowing you’re prepared.

Recycle it!

The SmartPal can be your best friend. Use it for all your gathering needs.